WHEREAS, the organizations listed below are mission-based health care organizations focused on improving the health of the communities they serve;

WHEREAS, the below-listed organizations wish to work together to transform the delivery of healthcare through meaningful sharing and accountability for the health of their patients;

WHEREAS, the organizations have committed to a collaboration that will involve participation in a MaineCare Accountable Community, and/or potentially other similar initiatives (collectively, ACO); and

WHEREAS, the parties wish to articulate the shared values that will guide and inform this collaboration;

NOW, THEREFORE, each signatory to this document commits to the following principles in their work together. Specifically, the undersigned will:

  1. Advance the cause of service to the community by improving access to care, improving clinical outcomes, reducing costs, improving patient experience of care and improving employee satisfaction.
  2. Work collaboratively and share information openly to achieve constant improvement in patient care, patient satisfaction and efficient healthcare delivery;
  3. Share decision-making with respect to the ACO equally among members, and establish a governance structure that ensures full participation of all members in the decisions affecting them;
  4. Challenge the status quo to change the way healthcare is delivered, and challenge each other to take on bold initiatives;
  5. Share openly best practices and internal systems and create new shared systems with the goal of delivery system transformation;
  6. State explicitly the expectations of each group initiative, along with the specific role of members, their leaders and providers in meeting those expectations;
  7. Hold leaders, providers and each other accountable to explicit expectations of the ACO once those expectations are agreed upon by the group;
  8. Seek administrative efficiency in the governance and operations of the ACO, and create a sustainable model of operations that will be both stable and adaptable;
  9. Commit to membership criteria agreed-upon by ACO members, to include, without limitation, (1) being a not-for-profit legal entity, (2) maintaining or achieving NCQA recognition (or its equivalent) or, at a minimum, being in the process of submitting for NCQA (or equivalent recognition) within a reasonable period of time from the date of admission to the ACO, (3) utilizing a meaningful use-certified electronic medical record in a manner that allows meaningful participation in population health management, (4) providing effective practice-based care coordination, and (5) having the capacity to generate and utilize population health data; and
  10. Participate actively in a strong team committed to supporting and learning from each other, and devote the time necessary, among senior leaders and staff of member organizations, to accomplish shared initiatives.